Publication and Conference presentations

Japan Sewage Works Association uploads the publications and presentations used in conferences and meetings with courtesy of the authors and conference organizers.  For more information about each presentation, please contact  JSWA, as secretariat of GCUS, answer your questions after consultation with the authors.

Publication “Sewage Works in Japan” and Management of Wastewater in Japan

Sewage Works in Japan is an annual publication of Japan Sewage Works Association to introduce current situation of sewage in Japan.

Conference presentations

1. Urban Flood Control

Flood Control and Related Technology in Japan (August, 2013)

Storm water management in Japan

2. Earthquake

Technology Development of Anti-seismic Structures for Sewer Networks

Earthquake as a Turning Point for the Reconstruction of a Sustainable Sewerage System Kobe City Initiative

Report of Japan Earthquake by Society of Environmental Instrumentation Control and Automation

The Great East Japan Earthquake, Sanitation and Toilet Issues

Recovery and Response on Sewerage in Japan from Earthquake 2011

3. Rehabilitation

Sewer Aging Problem in Japan

4. Water Pollution Control

Regulation on Industrial Discharge to Public Sewerage System in Tokyo(revise)

5. Water Reuse

Fukuoka TSE Reuse Strategy for Water Sustainability (January,2014)

Advancing Water Reuse in Japan (January, 2014)

Introducing the Japanese approach to Wastewater Systems (January,2014)

Removal of Mosquito Eggs and Larva in Water Reclamation for Toilet Flush Use

Best Practice of Wastewater Reuse in Japan

6. CSO Control

Flood and CSO Control in Osaka

A New Approach to CSO Control

7. Expansion of Sewerage Service

Microtunnelling Pipe Jacking Method Overview (January, 2014)

Pipe Jacking (June, 2014 )

Design Standard for Minicipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (June , 2014)

Advanced Oxidation Ditch Process and Screw Press Dewatering

Application of Rapid Filtration Tank for Stormwater and Wastewater Treatment by Utilization of Existing Primary Stabilization Tank

A-JUMP – A New Project with MBR for Evolved Wastewater Treatment in Japan

Development of Flexible Membrane Diffuser with Ultra Fine Bubble using EPDM

Development of Smart and Compact Advanced Treatment Process for Nutrient Removal, Carrier-Added A2O Process

8. Sludge Recycle and GHG Control

Green Energy Production from Municipal Sewage Sludge in Japan Revised (June, 2014)

Research on N2O Reduction technologies from Sewage Sludge Incinerator

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emission in Wastewater Treatment Plant, Based on Long-Term Continuous Measurement

Damage to Sewage Treatment Systems by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Government Response

New Approaches to the Coexistence of Water Quality Improvement and GHG Reduction in Wastewater Treatment

New approaches to the coexistence of water quality improvement and GHG reduction in wastewater treatment

Sewerage Plan for the Prevention of Global Warming Earth Plan 2010

Drastic Mitigation in Greenhouse Gas Emission by Sewage Sludge Gasification System

9. Others
Essence of Japanese Sewerage Law(Sep,2014)

Wastewater Technology in Japan 2nd Edition (June, 2014)

Trenchless New Installation and Rehabilitation in Japan

Sewerage Technologies in Japan

Occurrence of 92 pharmaceuticals in Wastewater and Their Environmental Risk in Japan

Overview FY2011

Data of Sewage Works in Japan

Strategy for extending sanitation services by an integrated coverage with on-site and off-site systems in Japan

Kobe Aqua Plan 2015

Study on equipment diagnostic technology utilizing Tribology

Phosphorus Recovery Technology in Japan


Projects of JIWET

Here you can see the content of research projects conducted by the Japan Institute of Waste Water Engineering Technology.