GCUS (Japan Global Center for Urban Sanitation) is a platform of professional organizations that tackle sewage related issues. In GCUS, experts from the industry, government and the academia are engaged in activities ranging from planning and construction, to management and operation of sewage system. The aim of the consortium is to promote sustainable sewage systems overseas by consolidating know-how and expertise of Japanese sewage-related organizations. GCUS was set up in 28 April 2009 and the secretariat is based in Tokyo. The activity is supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Japan.


Yosuke Matsumiya:
General Secretary of GCUS cum Director of Japan Sewage Works Association

Address : Suisui Bldg. 2-10-12 Uchikanda, Chiyodaku,Tokyo 101-0047 Japan 
E-mail : adress
Phone : +81-3-6206-0289 
FAX : +81-3-6206-0796


15 February 2012
JAPAN SEWAGE WORKS EXHIBITION 2012 KOBE will be held in July 24-27.
16 February 2011
JAPAN SEWAGE WORKS EXHIBITION 2011 TOKYO will be held in July 26-29.
14 January 2011
Update of Japanese Technology for Urban Sanitation
10 December 2011
Update of Sewage Works in Japan
2 February 2010
GCUS Vietnam Sewage Seminar
1 July 2010
Participation to the 3rd Singapore International Water Week